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Scarborough was Britain's first seaside resort and has been popular with visitors for over three hundred and fifty years. Scarborough has two glorious beaches of the North and South Bays, separated by a rocky headland on which stands the medieval castle.

South Bay...................................North Bay

The South Bay with the old town nestling under the castle has all manner of entertainment for children and adults. The harbour complete with Lighthouse is home to a variety of vessels, from fishing boats to yachts. If you would like to enjoy a trip out to sea there are two fine boats, Regal Lady and Caronia providing regular cruises. The Fun Fair adjacent to the Coast Guard Station is popular with youngsters. Along the seafront there are many Cafes, Restaurants, Inns, Amusements, Gardens, Gift Shops, a Theatre, Hotels, and stalls selling seafood and novelty items.

There are cliff lifts to take you up into the town were you will find most of the large department stores and a whole host of smaller shops and markets. At the far end of South Bay is the magnificent Scarborough Spa building with its great Victorian architecture from the 1880's.

The North Bay from the Coast Guard Station curves around under the Castle. As you pass the Castle the view opens up into a picture postcard scene, which is completely different from the South Bay. It is almost undeveloped and devoid of all things other than natural beauty and coastal charm.
The incoming tides lend themselves to surfing and the waves crashing on the sea defences make a spectacular sight, especially if the wind is in the right direction. The beach is long and the golden sands attract the family visitors with buckets and spades and a sense of adventure.

At the point at which the new "Sands" development is taking place The promenade takes you along to Scalby Mills, where the Sea Life Centre will entertain kids and parents alike. If you prefer you can travel by narrow gauge railway from Peasholm park to Scalby Mills. Look out for the Cable Cars and Marvels entertainment Park.

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in Platform 3, Scarborough Central

Scarborough Spa:

Scarborough's "Spa" status is due largely to a Mrs. Farrow, who in 1620 noticed that some spring water was quite different from the usual, having an acid taste. This spring water quickly earned a health giving reputation and attracted visitors from afar. In 1660 a Dr. Wittie of Scarborough, strongly recommended the healthy benefits of sea bathing, which in turn attracted more people to the town. The first Spa House was built in 1698, were visitors could drink the health giving waters, but it was the Victorians who built the present spa, welcomed the railway, built the promenade, hotels, shops, theatres, landscaped gardens and made the Yorkshire Coast a rather stylish place to visit.

Scarborough Spa
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